Women's Plum Tunic Linen


Linen, one of the best suited fabrics for summer, has long been prized for its lightweight, and airy qualities. Once used as a form of currency in ancient Egypt linen was considered a symbol of light and purity. Fast forward a few centuries and it remains a wardrobe staple in searing weather. Made partly from hemp, our simple yet stylish women’s linen tunic was designed with your hottest adventures in mind. Not only is it a breathable and resilient fabric, hemp has natural antibacterial and uv protection qualities that pair well with the warmer climates of the world. This is the summer shirt you’ll live in; the one you’ll be glad you packed; the one your roommate will want to borrow, but she can’t, because that would require that you take it off.

**fits small through the chest size up one

55% Hemp + 45% Organic Cotton


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