Tin Cloth Hat


Made from waxed cotton, a fabric steeped in history, this is a hat that redefines the word durable. Hundreds of years ago, sailors noticed that wet sails caught the wind more efficiently that dry ones. This led to rubbing grease and fish oil into the sails of ships, then years later substituting those for paraffin wax to create this newfangled fabric capable of stopping the wind. The sailing industry had inadvertently achieved a similar function to Gore-Tex. However, where waxed cotton excels further is in its ability to allow vapour out to make it simultaneously breathable. Nicknamed “Tin Cloth” because it is so durable, this waxed cotton hat is flexible, windproof, and waterproof. Put your Tin Cloth Hat to the test. Doubles as a water bowl for thirsty puppers.

100% cotton


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